Know the 3 Categories of Link Building

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Know the 3 Categories of Link Building

Link Building is an SEO practice that guarantees a website authority, increases the search ranking, and improves traffic. Links in Denmark excel in the following types of links



These are hyperlinks from other websites on yours. Backlinks should have quality instead of amount. In order to achieve good backlinks:


Make engaging content to increase interest. Valuable content will organically create links from websites that are interested in sharing your content with their users. 

Search for linking candidates and request them to link to your website. See your rivals and observe which websites are linking to their website. 

Strive for link versatility. Google focuses on the diversity of links. Therefore, add one link from different high-quality websites instead of adding numerous from one website. 

Erase bad links. Frequently check your links with Google Search Console to see if there are links from inferior websites. If you happen to find any, speak to the source website and request them to remove it. Alternatively, you can use the disavow links tool from Google Search Console which signals Google not to consider those links while analyzing your website. 

Outbound links


These link your pages to other websites and are the most important links. Surf through your content and think about where you can add an outbound link to add value for users. For instance, a research source or an explained content on the topic. Adding outbound links to credible websites will improve your authority. 


Internal links

These go to different pages of the same site and pull users to more content. Internal links assist search engines to know the structure of your website, recognize the crucial pages and understand how pages of your website are connected. All these aspects improve the search rankings. So, after adding more content to your site, think if it can be related to other existing content.