Use Top Wooden Door Maintenance Tips

26 July 2021
Sudip Mazumdar
Use Top Wooden Door Maintenance Tips

Wooden door cleaning and maintenance are important for homeowners. The porous hardwood wooden exterior door surface is prone to damage. The longevity of the door goes down because of negligence or low-quality polishing. Therefore, follow a few basic tips of experts on how to do DIY exterior door upkeep. Visit for an easy guide to maintain exterior door frames with wooden material.

  • Make Your Door Neat and Clean

Clean the entire inside and outside surface of the door with the biodegradable anti-microbial solution. If you are not experienced, ask a professional home improvement expert about the usage of the best wooden door cleansing component. In the case of an engineered wood frame, take a rug and keep it in water for mopping up the door panels completely.



  • Natural Wood Waxing

Usually, hardwood has the least number of dents and defects to repair. With a lint-free cloth, try to wipe out layers of dust, mildew and build-ups of sands stuck to the corners of the doors. Through the natural smooth hardwood waxing, you can rejuvenate the doors for a longer period.

  • Coat of Fade-resistant Component

Though woodwork is always the best solution to decorate a home, it also needs regular care. Lack of awareness can ruin the expensive oak made wooden frame. The colours of the exterior doors and windows fade faster. Therefore, go for a DIY door restoration program that needs you to apply the coating of fade-resistant elements to polish the wooden frames. Before the door colouring, do proper wooden frame sanding with sandpaper or brush.

Wooden doors are cracked if there are a lot of microbial agents to grow surreptitiously. Damp, heavy moisture and rainwater speed up the deterioration of this type of hardwood or engineered wood pane/frames. Therefore, homeowners have to monitor and check the condition of the wood door frames for smooth maintenance.